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In the quest to enhance productivity, leaders have been urged to adopt and pursue the concept of Collective Leadership in which all workers would be required to be actively committed to the business of an organisation.

The concept, which has become critical for modern organisational leadership ensures effective labour-management-cooperation in the pursuit of the objectives of the organisation.

In addition, it helps the leader to encourage all the levels of the workforce to take active ownership of the policies and strategies of the organisation to ensure enhanced productivity and profit.

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At a two-day training workshop on “Leadership and Organisational Effectiveness: the road to sustained quality work and enhanced productivity” by Gamey & Gamey Group in Accra, leaders were also encouraged to adopt strategies that involve the entire workforce in managing the organisation.

According to Mr Austin Gamey, a renowned labour expert, who facilitated the training, organisational strategies need to be linked to the corporate vision, team and individual aspirations.

But to be able to achieve organisational progress, leaders must link pay to productivity since fairness and zeal by worker’s to earn more, yields productivity.

”Linking productivity to pay is the heart beat of leadership,” he said.

He explained that the mark of excellence in leadership is the ability to effectively and efficiently generate and manage resources for the progress of an organisation and its stakeholders and that hinges on the leader’s ability to manage the workforce through effective performance management that links productivity to pay.

“Whatever you cannot measure, you cannot manage,” he said.

Every employer must have a meter, which is the Key Performance Indicator that determines the level of contribution of workers to productivity to determine the pay increases.

Also, he urged leaders to make a paradigm shift into modern management systems required for the survival of organisations in the 21st century.

“If you fail to make a paradigm shift, you will suffer a corporate paradigm paralysis which includes suffering from cash flow difficulties, job losses, and bankruptcy.

By:Nii Adotey/

VIANii Adotey
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