The Scheme holds periodic public awareness creation for community members
The Scheme holds periodic public awareness creation for community members
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The Legal Aid Scheme in Ghana continues make process in the use of Appropriate Dispute Resolution (ADR) as it resolves 5,237 cases through ADR in 2017.

This number is out of 7,709 cases the Legal Aid Scheme resolved at it offices nationwide.

According to the 2017 Annual Report of the Scheme, a total of 11,464 cases, consisting 10,412 civil disputes and 1,052 criminal cases were received, out of which 7,709 cases were resolved, with the remaining 3,755 cases awaiting resolution.

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Out of the 7,709 cases, 5,237 were resolved through the use of ADR mechanisms, especially mediation, while 1, 945 were handled through civil court proceedings, with 527 cases settled through criminal proceedings.

A Legal Aid officer attending to clients
A Legal Aid officer attending to clients

ADR recorded a 45.68 per cent closure rate, while civil court action recorded a 16.97 per cent, with criminal proceeding recording 4.6 per cent and 32.75 per cent were awaiting resolution.

The report’s statistics show that the Scheme’s offices in the Greater Accra Region had the most cases with 3,631 while the Upper West region receiving the least with 124 cases.

The high number of cases were received and resolved in spite of a immense logistical and infrastructure challenge facing the Scheme which is tasked under the Legal Aid Scheme Act 1997 (Act 542), “to provide legal assistance to the poor and indigent, as well as other persons in the prosecution and defence of their rights under the Constitution of Ghana.”

The Scheme has recently directed its focus on the use of ADR, believing that it offers a more convenient, inexpensive and amicable resolution of disputes.

In that regard, it operates an ADR Division which helps in the amicable resolution of civil cases without heading to court.

Read the full report.

By: Fred Gadese-Mensah/

VIAFred Gadese-Mensah
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