A section of the prospectuve partners at the meeting
A section of the prospectuve partners at the meeting
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The management of Longrich International, a leading global product manufacturing conglomerate has assured its prospective partners of sustainable jobs and economic benefits as the company expands its operations in Ghana.

Mr. Rocky Lee, Country Manager for Longrich International Ghana, who gave the assurance, said the company was keen of ensuring that all partners on the Longrich marketing scheme secure financial independence through the various economic rewards from the company.

The Country Manager gave the assurance at a Longrich business opportunity meeting in Accra on Saturday, also announced that the company was set to launch 10 new artemisinin products onto the Ghanaian market with the aim of enhancing preventive health care for Ghanaians.

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Andrew Cudjoe Asare (left) and Rocky Lee (right) superintending the meeting
Andrew Cudjoe Asare (left) and Rocky Lee (right) superintending the meeting

The business opportunity meeting, organised by PGW Ghana Marketing Company Limited, a multi-regional stockiest partner of Longrich, was to educate prospective partners about the mechanisms for enrolling on the Longrich marketing scheme which offers job creation opportunities and financial benefits.

The new products, which have the potency to minimize the risk of malaria infection are Artemisin mouthwash, body cream, hand soap, anti-bacterial bath soap, underwear laundry soap, toothpaste, deodorant, hair conditioner and shampoo.

They add to the multitude of health care, cosmetic, sanitary, personal care, organic agriculture, furniture and household products produced by the Chinese firm for markets around the globe over the past 34 years.

Kennedy Amoako explaining the Longrich scheme to the prospective partners at the meeting
Kennedy Amoako explaining the Longrich scheme to the prospective partners at the meeting

Mr Lee also announced that the company’s manufacturing plant in Nigeria would become operational in March next year to serve as the production hub for West Africa.

According to him, the establishment of the factory in Nigeria is to ensure business sustainability and easy access to products in Africa, adding that the company continues to value its partnership with Africa.

Mr. Andrew Cudjoe Asare, Founder of Longrich Ghana, for his part, noted that since the establishment of the company in Ghana four years ago, patronage of Longrich products continue to increase due to immense health benefits.

Rocky Lee explaining the benefits of the new products
Rocky Lee explaining the benefits of the new products

In addition, he said Ghanaian partners who have enrolled on the Longrich marketing scheme have benefited over the past five years from the many financial rewards and incentives provided by the company under the scheme.

The Longrich marketing scheme, he explained, “is not a Ponzi scheme,” but a marketing system that enables partners to gain financial rewards as consumers purchase and use the products.

Mr. Kennedy Amoako, Chief Executive Officer of PGW Ghana Marketing Company Limited, explained at the meeting, which was attended by over 200 prospective partners, that the scheme offers an opportunity for people, irrespective of their academic qualification and job status, to make money through the marketing of Longrich products.

He further explained that PGW Ghana Marketing in partnership with Longrich International Ghana have business expansion opportunities for major investors to establish local branches across the regions of Ghana.

“This is a sustainable business and we want more Ghanaians to join to enjoy the immense health and economic benefits,” he said.

The meeting, which was also joined by dozens of prospective partners through online platforms including Zoom and Facebook, was characterized by testimonials of partners who have gained financial independence and benefited from Longrich scholarship, travel, car and house incentives, among others.

By Edmund Mingle / www.adrdaily.com

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