Mr Leon Li addressing the partners at the meeting
Mr Leon Li addressing the partners at the meeting
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Longrich International, a global conglomerate in manufacturing and services is set to expand in Ghana as it provides jobs for over 60,000 Ghanaian youths.

As part of its expansion, Longrich International, headquartered in China, has planned to build a factory in Ghana, and introduce more of its products onto the Ghanaian market.

Established 33 years ago and currently operating in 60 countries, the company, which thrives on a network of local partners, stockists and a product distribution award scheme, focuses on the development, production and provision of health and beauty products, furniture, e-commerce, real estate, finance, organic agriculture, logistics and household services for global consumers.

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A section of the partners
A section of the partners

The 60,000 beneficiaries are involved in a network of stocking, distribution and sale of the company’s products across the country.

“We are confident of investing more in Ghana,” said Mr Leon Li, President of Longrich International, during an interaction with the company’s Ghanaian partners and distributors, in Accra on Monday as part of his visit to Ghana.

Mr Nick Owusu (right) making his remarks, while Mr Mr Andrews Asare (left) and Mr Leon Li look on
Mr Nick Owusu (right) making his remarks, while Mr Mr Andrews Asare (left) and Mr Leon Li look on

Mr Li, who is in Ghana as part of his African investment tour, said the company, has shifted its focus from the Asian and American markets to Africa, since there was a need for help in creating jobs for African youths.

Citing the ongoing construction of its 50million dollar factory in Nigeria as indicative of its commitment to invest more in Africa, the President noted that Ghana was key on the agenda of the company.

Longrich partners in Ghana continue to increase

In addition, he said the company was committed in helping to develop the human resource capacity in technical areas in Ghana, and would invest more in that respect.

He commended the local partners, stockists and distributors for the significant achievements in after four years of operations in Ghana.

Mr Nick Owusu, the leader of the Longrich partners in Ghana, welcoming the President to the country, assured the company of their continued cooperation and support, describing the relationship as a “win-win situation.”

He said the operations of Longrich in Ghana, has become very beneficial in providing jobs for the youth.

Mr Austin Gamey showcasing some of the products
Mr Austin Gamey showcasing some of the products

“Since establishing Longrich Ghana four years ago, our operations has been mitigating the problem of youth unemployment,” he said.

Mr Austin Gamey, a former deputy Employment Minister, who is a Longrich Super Stockist for Sierra Leone, urged the company to speed up plans for the establishment of a manufacturing plant in Ghana.

That, he said ,was because Ghana would not have enough products from the plant in Nigeria considering the large population of that country that that factory would have to serve.

Mr Gamey addressing an issue

“Ghana needs a plant as soon as possible,” he told the Longrich president.

Mr Andrews Cudjoe Asare, Founder of Longrich in Ghana, lauded the continuous enhancement of the reward scheme for partners and distributors, citing the award of houses, cars, scholarship and sponsored educational and business trips, as very motivating.

“With its expansion in Ghana, Longrich has the potential of changing the lives of many more people,” he said.

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