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The forum is expected to bring together all disputing parties in the country and reflect on the challenges that continue to plague the Algerian-brokered peace agreement signed between an alliance of Tuareg-led rebels and the Malian government in June 2015.

According to French news portal RFI, headlining the forum will be peace, unity and reconciliation and the parties will be expected to form a new charter.

But the dates set by the government have raised eyebrows among the opposition and some of the armed groups.

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They would like the meeting to be postponed citing concerns that it will not be all-inclusive.

The UN says security in Mali remains worrying despite recent troop deployments and some progress on the 2015 peace accord.

This despite Malian government and former Tuareg rebels staging their first joint patrol in February, while the government began installing the long -delayed interim authorities for the troubled north during the same month.

Northern Mali has been plagued by conflict since a 2012 Tuareg-led uprising.

Source: africanews.com