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The Deputy Director General of the Ghana Civil Aviation has called on Management and Unions to develop a team spirit and high level of transparency for a collaborative Labour Management relationship.

He said that Labour Management Cooperation  is key to the success of any institution and hence it is paramount that both  Management and Unions/Associations see themselves as a team working together to achieve a common cause of executing  the goals and objectives of the institution.

Mr Abdulai  Alhassan made this call at the closing session of a two days Leadership workshop  organized by the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority  at Koforidua on the theme “Imperative Cooperative Working Environment; A Requirement for  Endemic, Safe and Quality Service Delivery.”

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The program brought together middle Management, Directors including executives of Unions and  Associations of the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority to interact and understand  the need for transparency and consensus in building a cooperative working relationship that will enhance productivity.

The Deputy Director General of the Authority said that Management saw the need for them to have all levels of management to a forum where they can talk and understand challenges facing the Authority with regards to their financial status and negotiations.  

He said that they engaged the services of Gamey and Gamey Group a Management Consulting firm to take Management through training in relevant areas that will enhance a good Labour Management Cooperation.

He admonished Management of institutions to open the channels of communication with their workers and ensure that relevant information is shared in line with the provisions of section 97 (2) of the Ghana Labour Act 2003; (Act 651)

Mr Alhassan said that lack of communication is one of the major problems that degenerate relationships in organisations and leads to mistrust with Unions making excessive demands that put strain on their organization.  “The way forward is that Management must provide information to their Unions and Unions in turn must also align their demands to the financial strengths of their institutions”, he said.

The Director of Human Relations of GCAA, Mr Ebenezer Sagoe  on his part said that the program was an eye opener and was hopeful that his Management was poised to take strategic measures to enhance a collaborative working environment that ensures quality service delivery.

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