Marital Mediation
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Aug 2, 2017

With the high rate of divorce recorded globally every year, couples need something more than counseling to sustain their marriages.

Mediation or marital mediation has been found to be the solution to divorce, and the use of mediation can save more marriages from collapse.

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Statistics show that about 50 per cent of marriages end in divorce, and in Ghana, the courts remain inundated with divorce cases.

But lawyer Ogochukwu Nweke, ADR advocate and Relationship Counselor, says the solution is in mediation.

The only way to resolve a conflict that is leading to a divorce is have the two sides to talk, and this can be achieved through mediation which will enable the parties to drop their egos and emotions.

“Marital mediation deals with the prevention or the resolution of conflicts in marriages,” he told ADR Daily in an interview.

With 50 per cent of divorcees regretting ending their marriage, marital mediation helps to avoid such regrets.

He indicated that most little issues create conflicts in marriage, and they lead to divorce because most couples find it difficult to reach an understanding or agreement due to their uncompromising positions.

Through facilitated mediation by professionals, he said most of the divorce cases in court or heading for the courts can be resolved.

Mr. Nweke, therefore, urged troubled couples to avoid rushing to file for divorce, but to seek the intervention of professional marital mediators to help them to resolve their conflicts.

Explaining the essentials of mediation and counseling, he said marital mediation, as an aspect of Appropriate Dispute Resolution (ADR), serves as an advanced tool for marriage counseling.

He indicates that marital mediation should be an integral part of marriage counseling because it equips marriage counselors with the adequate skills required to settle conflicts that arise within marriages/relationships.

“Marital counseling will represent everything that the couple needs to know about relationships and on how to sustain it by ensuring peaceful coexistence at home.

“But marital mediation is a more specialized tool in resolving conflicts that arise in marriages,” he said.

According to Mr. Nweke “there should not be a struggle between marriage counseling and mediation because they must complement each other.”

While the counselor needs mediation skills to forestall potential conflicts in marriages, the mediator also needs counseling skills to help a couple sustain the relationship after resolving a substantive conflict, he explained.

In that regard, he urged marriage counselors to upgrade themselves to secure professional mediation skills to enable them to effectively engage in marital mediation to save marriages from ending in divorce and also called on couples in dispute to consider mediation before taking legal decision to severe their marital relationships.

By: Fred Gadese-Mensah/

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