Mediating the sins of a goat
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Kwame, a known herdsman in Kintampo usually supplies goat and sheep to butchers in Kintampo and its surrounding areas. He is well known for providing healthy livestock.

On a particular day, Kwame urgently needed cash to settle some urgent bills. He then picked the only sellable goat in his pen and offered it for sale.

Sena, a successful butcher, agreed to purchase the goat, and after negotiation, they agreed on a GHS 170 price.

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However, as Sena brought out the money from his pocket to pay Kwame, the agitated goat, snatched it and chewed all.

An intense debate ensued between them regarding the ownership of the goat.

Sena demanded the goat because he brought out the money to pay and that the cost of damage to the money should be borne by the seller, Kwame, on the other hand, maintained that he would not release the goat because he did not receive payment.

The conflict deepened when Sena later seized five goats from Kwame’s pen to force him to refund the money, and Kwame, on the other hand, seized Sena’s tools and equipment at his butchery shop.

Sena is threatening legal action, while Kwame remains adamant.

You may have heard this elsewhere in the form of a joke, but this is a real-life situation which has to be resolved.

Is this a mediatable case? If you are selected to settle, what would be your approach.

Comments below.

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