Mr Affail Monney, GJA President
Mr Affail Monney, GJA President
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It was a tensed period, a year ago, for the Ghana Journalists’ Association as its national executive election was in limbo due to a legal battle over the election process.

The case took a heavy toll on the GJA as the public begun to question its integrity as the Fourth Estate of the Realm.

A year after the case, Roland Affail Monney, GJA President, in a testimonial about ADR, recalls how the Association was rescued by mediation to resolve the case.

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“It was a landmark case as a far as ADR is concerned

Messrs Affail Monney (left), lead respondent and Lloyd Evans , the lead plaintiff, were happy at the resolution
Messrs Affail Monney (left), lead respondent and Lloyd Evans , the lead plaintiff, were happy at the resolution

“The legal battle lines had been drawn, but we realized that the battle was going to be endless, unnecessarily expensive, waste of time, and above all there were prospects of inflicting incalculable damage on the parties.

“At the promoting of the High Court Judge, Justice Daniel Mensah, we resorted to Mediation at Gamey and Gamey, and it worked like magic.

“The speed, ease, and the effortlessness with which the otherwise highly contentious issue was resolved, more than vindicates the benefits of ADR.

“My mantra is: Seek ye first ADR, and all other solutions will be found,” he says.

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