unemployed private nurses
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Aug 1, 2017

The Ministry of Health announced today that plans are advanced for the government to engage the services of private nurses across the country.

Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the Health Ministry, Robert Cudjoe told ADR Daily his outfit has been holding discussions with relevant stakeholders to ensure the unemployed nurses were engaged.

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“We are holding discussions with all the players; we are doing a lot of consultations with the Finance Ministry and others to ensure we get the clearance to employ before we do so,” he said.

It comes as an assurance to dozens of the unemployed private nurses who have been picketing at the Ministry to mount pressure on the government for deployment.

He assured the unemployed private nurses that past governments have employed them before and “this government will not abrogate such contract.”

Cudjoe further disclosed that the government was in the process of recruiting nurses in some few weeks time across the country and will consider the aggrieved nurses as soon as they obtained clearance from the Finance Ministry.

The MoH PRO asked the picketing nurses to exercise the highest form of restraint as the ministry and the government resolved their issue.

Dozens of unemployed private nurses on Monday, 31 July picketed the premises of the health ministry over government’s failure to post them.

The members of the group, who are private nurses have remained jobless several years after completing their various colleges of health.

The unemployed nurses say their picketing at the Ministry of Health continues unabated until the government gives them a definite date for their postings.

Richmond Asomaning, Director of Operations of the group, told the media they have been sidelined in the ongoing posting of health sector workers.

He threatened the group will invite other members across the country should the government fail to give in to their request.

“We’d initially told our colleagues across the country to hold on for us to start the picketing so that if it becomes critical for them to join the action then we invite them later.

Even with this limited number, they were inundated with the pressure we gave them yesterday, but as it stands now, we may call up our members outside Accra to join us, if the government remains adamant regarding our postings,” he said.

Source: Francis Tandoh/adrdaily.com

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