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As Ghana and Guinea prepare to mediate on constitutional reform in Togo this week, the Ghana Togo solidarity movement has appealed to president Akufo-Addo to be committed to the peaceful resolution of the political stalemate that has bedevilled the francophone country.

Ghana and Guinea are leading mediation on Thursday, 15 February 2018 after months of turmoil following opposition demands for a constitutional order that guarantees a fixed term of office.

Opposition supporters have been staging protests to call for an end of the Gnassingme dynasty.

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In an interview on Accra based Class FM about the development, Convener of the Ghana-Togo Solidarity Movement Bernard Mornah said Ghana should show commitment in resolving the crisis in Togo.

He said: “It is important that as a people we work to ensure that we compel our government to work hand in hand with them so that they can also find a lasting solution to their current political crisis. It is important for all of us to join hands with the struggling people of Togo to ensure that at least there is a term limit for presidential election that will give way for an alternation of persons and also of ideas in governance.”

He believes if the government of Ghana should speak “eloquently” about the need for the Togolese government to get ready for a peaceful transition, it will help restore peace and guarantee a fixed term of office.

In December 2017, Mr Mornah was arrested together with 12 other persons for allegedly staging an illegal protest in Accra to draw the attention of local and international authorities to the political crisis in Togo.

Reports said Mr Mornah who led the march failed to inform police about their action on the Kanda Highway hence his arrest. He, however, denied the reports.

In October 2017, 26 Togolese nationals were arrested for attempting to stage an ‘unlawful’ demonstration over the political situation in their country.

The police dispersed about 300 Togolese at the Kawukudi Park because their intended action according to the law enforcement officers was in clear breach of Ghana’s public order act.

Source: ghanacrusader.com

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