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National unions have a crucial mediation role to establish a cooperative workplace where productivity is ensured.

It is the expectation of Management that Unions should mediate between Management and workers so that relevant information that will bring about attitudinal change is guaranteed thereby creating the right environment for a good Labour Management Relationship.

This is the opinion of Mr. Jagdish Patel, the General Manager of Vegpro Ghana, one of the largest vegetable growers and exporters in the country.

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Speaking to ADR Daily in an interview on employers expectations of Union’s role in enhancing productivity in an organisation, Mr. Patel expressed that Labour across the world have the same needs and concerns and hence the need for their mother Unions to educate the local Unions on the dynamics of workplace engagement for workers to understand their role as partners in the business, thereby ensuring that both Management and they [workers] meet their overall targets.

He reiterated that Unions should work hard at creating an attitudinal change in their members with regards to their commitment to work and relationship with their employers.

Mr. Patel said that Labour Management Relationship is comparable to a marriage union where parties expect to respect and seek each other’s interest.

“Unions should be open to Management and share relevant information with Management to avoid unnecessary suspicions that can lead to distrust and conflict at the workplace. This will enhance a good Labour Management Relationship”, he said.

“Workers should be honest with their work, have a right attitude towards their Management, and be committed to completing the task assigned to them so that employers can also be motivated to give incentives and pay their workers at premium rates.”

For this to be achieved, he pointed that clear lines of communication must be established at all levels both by Management to Union and Unions to members.

He advised that workers should be open to talk with Management on pertinent issues of conflict rather than resort to retaliatory behavior at the workplace that will affect business.

Mr. Patel stressed that Ghana is open to a lot of investors and the national Trade Unions should work hard at educating their members about the right attitude that can not only attract investors but also keep them in a productive business to the benefit of both the nation and its workforce.



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