Mr Gamey is confident of a successful mediation
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The Gamey & Co ADR Centre in Accra, has offered to mediate the raging dispute over plans by Ghana’s Electoral Commission to produce a new Voters’ Register.

A number of political parties, led by the main opposition National Democratic Congress, are in disagreement with the Electoral Commission over its intention to build a new register, resulting in demonstrations by the opposing groups.

In offering the mediation intervention, the Gamey & Co ADR Centre, is optimistic a facilitated mediation would help in resolving the impasse, which is threatening the peace of the country.

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A statement signed by Austin Gamey, Chairman of the Centre, said in view of the controversy and political tension resulting from the disagreements over proposed voters’ register “it has become necessary for stakeholders to reach an amicable solution.”

Mrs Jean Mensa, EC Chairperson
Mrs Jean Mensa, EC Chairperson

“There is therefore, the need for a professional mediation body to intervene to assist the two sides to resolve the matter.

“In this regard, the Gamey & Co ADR Centre has offered to conduct a Facilitated Mediation which would help the Electoral Commission and the political parties concerned to reach an agreement,” the statement said.

It explained that the Centre has officially notified the Electoral Commission and the parties concerned of the offer, adding that “the Centre is awaiting their response.”

Subject to their approval, the Centre has proposed February 24, 2020 to hold the Pre-Mediation Meeting with the respective stakeholders and the plenary session the following day.

“Based on our longstanding experience and expertise, we are convinced that the mediation would enable the two sides to effectively address their interests and concerns for a solution that should be mutually beneficial to them and the entire nation.

Samuel Ofosu Ampofo, National Chairman of NDC.
Samuel Ofosu Ampofo, National Chairman of NDC.

“We offer the mediation as our corporate social responsibility to mother Ghana, and trust that the Electoral Commission and the concerned parties, who are interested in a peaceful electoral process, would accept the mediation intervention,” the statement stressed.

A copy of the offer letter, sighted by ADR Daily, was copied to all high ranking personalities and relevant institutions including the President, all former Presidents, Speaker of Parliament, Chief Justice, the Council of State and National Peace Council, chairman of the New Patriotic Party, as well as the Chairman of the Christian Council of Ghana and the National Chief Imam, among others

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