Opt for ADR–CHRAJ charges law students


The Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ) has urged law students to consider opting for Appropriate Dispute Resolution (ADR) practice saying it is a viable profession that promotes access to justice.

According to the Commissioner of CHRAJ, Mr Joseph Whittal, young people who aspire to become legal practitioners need to consider mediation and arbitration.

That, he said, was because the ADR profession is increasingly becoming competitive, rewarding and more productive in settlement of disputes.

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Mr Whittal, who gave the advice in an interview with ADR Daily in Accra, said although the ADR practice has been proclaimed to be the best mechanism that ensures a speedy, inexpensive and amicable settlement of disputes, the human resource base for the profession remained inadequate.

Mr. Joseph Whittal, Commissioner of CHRAJ
Mr. Joseph Whittal, Commissioner of CHRAJ

In that regard, he stressed the need for a critical mass of ADR professionals to help in settling the disputes that have clogged the courts.

He noted that although the legal profession remains good, aspiring lawyers need to consider ADR training to become professional mediators or arbitrators.

Describing the recent mass failure of students at the Ghana School of Law, Mr Whittal said all those affected students should seek ADR training to become professionals to settle disputes.

“These are people who can potentially seek training to become professional mediators and arbitrators,” he said.

He advised the students not to perceive the ADR option as a diversion from their career, explaining that dispute resolution is a continuum that has to be explored.

The Commissioner urged the students to explore other opportunities in dispute resolution, adding that the ADR field has become lucrative and competitive.

By Nii Adotey/adrdaily.com

VIANii Adotey
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