Chief Justice of Pakistan Anawar Zaheer Jamali
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Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) centres have started functioning in Sialkot and Gujranwala like other districts of Punjab province so as to ease heavy burden on the courts and provide relief for the litigants.

Sialkot District and Sessions Judge (DSJ) Abdul Qayyum Khan inaugurated the ADR Centre at district courts during a special ceremony. The Additional District and Sessions Judges (ADSJs), civil judges and judicial magistrates attended the ceremony.

DSJ Abdul Qayyum Khan said that it was the first ever Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) Centre established at Sialkot for resolving all the issues/disputes of the people with mutual negotiations and talks the supervision of the special judges.

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He said that all the cases of disputes would be referred to the ADR centres which would reduce the load of the cases on the local courts besides helping the people to save their precious time.

Likewise, ADR centre was also established in Sessions Court of Gujranwala. It also decided six cases on the first working day.

Additional District and Sessions Judge Abdul Nasir Malik, addressing the ceremony, appreciated the proceedings of the centre.

He said the system will not only offer relief to the citizens but also cause decrease in the load of cases from the other courts.
ADR Centre Judge Abdul Qayyum said that total 18 cases have been received for mediation from which six cases have been solved on the first day after negotiation with both the parties.

The litigants expressed complete satisfaction over the progress and working of the centre. They said THE system enabled the citizens to solve their disputes without facing long court proceedings.”

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