George Amoh, Executive Secretary of National Peace Council
George Amoh, Executive Secretary of National Peace Council
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In the quest to fight political and youth vigilantism in the country, the National Peace Council is undertaking a series of community engagements in Accra to create public awareness against the menace.

The Dialogue and Advocacy programme on vigilantism, which is being conducted in Accra by the Regional Peace Council, is to fashion out a holistic solution against vigilantism.

In that regard, a stakeholder forum would be held on the subject tomorrow, Wednesday at Akplaku, near Bortianor.

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With funding from the UNDP, the stakeholder forum is being held in collaboration with political parties, civil society organisations and the media, and is expected to be attended by political party executives from Bortianor, Weija Gbawe and Domeabra, as well as officials of CSOs and media organisations in the region.

Mr Emmanuel Anim, acting Greater Regional Executive Secretary of the Peace Council indicated to ADR Daily that the forum has the prime objective of fighting the phenomenon of vigilantism.

According to him, the forum is to provide a platform for the stakeholders to identify the drivers of vigilantism and collectively develop practical solutions to address the menace.

He believes that the forum would significantly contribute towards achieving peaceful general elections in the country next year.

By Edmund Mingle/

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