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Gamey and Gamey in collaboration with Institute of Executive Studies just ended a three-day workshop on Performance Appraisal in Accra.

The workshop was attended by Human Resource Managers, Administrators and Performance Management Specialist of various organizations including Ghana Commercial Bank (GCB), Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority (GPHA), The Trust Hospital , Apex Bank and Registrars of some Public Universities.

The key objectives of the workshop were for participants to identify the nature of performance appraisal system, its benefit to an organization and it workers, the skills required and some obstacles to an effective performance appraisal process.

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Participants of the program were taken through the various stages in appraising workers and the effective use of Performance Appraisal as a catalyst to increase productivity and ensure the implementation of equal pay for work of equal value.

The lead facilitator for the program, Mr. Austin Gamey, CEO Gamey and Gamey Group, explained that performance management is the bedrock of growth and enhanced productivity in any organization.

According to him, an organization will not only achieve its set objectives but will also identify areas for development and the need for training, mentoring and coaching of workers based on the appraisal report.

In his submission, Mr. Gamey said that performance should be measured on tasks accomplished not activities embarked upon so that people will be equally rewarded for a work of equal value.

He elaborated on the Manager’s role of setting objectives and strategies with workers, managing rewards and ensuring fair compensation for a level of job performance. He said; it is the duty of the manager to translate business goals into individual job objectives and standards, and also monitor performance to offer feedback both to the worker and the institution.

Mr. Gamey explained that the appraisal process allows the manager to maximize the benefits from the available resources, particularly the people under his management, as he is able to identify workers’ strengths and  help them to do more by coaching the workers on how to achieve their performance objectives. “A good appraisal will enable the manager and worker generate and agree to development plans to best serve the organization and individual needs” he said.

Mr. Gamey, entreated Human Resource Managers and supervisors to be impartial and to ensure that the process is seen as a transparent and open process designed to assist people as opposed to blame or hinder them and link the process to the proactive development of personnel.

Mrs. Christina Daisy Damptey, the Senior Human Resource Officer at the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority who was also a participant of the workshop expressed that the workshop was an eye opener to the facts that a proper employment of the performance appraisal is key increase for productivity in the public sector.

She indicated that she has also been enlightened on major benefits of  a proper appraisal system in not only injecting  discipline in the system , but also in creating a competitive  organization where workers strive to accomplish set targets and meet organizational goals on which they will be measured.

According to her, the lack of proper appraisal system is a key factor for the lack of motivation and productivity in state institutions as people are not paid according to their work output creating a situation where star performers and lazy workers all end up earning the same bonuses and incentives.

Other participants including the Head of Human Resource for Savannah Accelerated Development Authority (SADA), Mrs Habiba Nantuo expressed concern on the revelations of the Human Resource Manager’s critical role of training line Managers and Supervisors on how to go about the appraisal process. She entreated fellow Human Resource Practitioners especially those in the public sector to employ the use of proper Appraisal System in order to increase productivity and implement equal pay for work of equal value.

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