Permanent mining employment makes a comeback
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A buoyant marketplace for permanent work is making a welcome return for job seekers in Australia’s mining industry.

Human resources agency DFP Recruitment, in its latest mining and resources job index, reported that permanent job vacancies increased by 44.5 per cent during 2017 after a 4.4 per cent improvement in December.

The rise in permanent vacancies lifted this category to 82.28 on the DFP index, its highest point since mid-2015 and in similar territory to where the temporary and contract vacancies category currently stands.

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“While this level infers that vacancies are still 18 per cent lower than late-2013 when measurement commenced, it is still a massive turnaround after three years of decline,” DFP explained.

Temporary and contract vacancies were, meanwhile, 31.2 per cent higher in 2017, but 2.9 per cent lower in December — a normal seasonal pattern, according to DFP.

Overall, the job index rose by 1.3 per cent in December to 82.44, its highest point since April 2014. In 2017, job opportunities rose by 38.7 per cent.

“We have seen rises in the last six consecutive months, a considerable shift after the dismal markets seen between 2015—2016. There is good cause to feel optimistic about employment prospects in 2018,” DFP reported.


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