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The Western Regional Police Commander, DCOP Kwasi Manu Duku, has called on the judiciary and the Western Regional House of Chiefs to expedite chieftaincy cases before them in a bid to ensure peace in the region. He observed chieftaincy disputes were becoming a major problem in the region, especially in the Bekwai, Nzema, Mpohor and Wassa areas, which could threaten the peace. “There are pockets of chieftaincy disputes in the Nzema, Mpohor and Wassa areas. So I will plead that the cases at the courts and the Regional House of Chiefs should be expedited so that we can end these disputes because the moment it delays, it creates problems,” he said on Friday during a media interaction. He mentioned the situation in Sewfi Bekwai where both the chief and the queen mother have died, and a move to install a new queen mother who will then nominate someone to be installed as a chief has triggered dispute. He therefore called on all the stakeholders to insist in resolving the chieftaincy disputes to promote development. The Commander called on the kingmakers within the region to resort to the laws of the land in their quest for justice, warning that the Police will not entertain any lawlessness in the region. “Kingmakers and the families should use the law because we are in a democratic state and rule of law must prevail above every other thing. If you disagree with anything, go to the court or pass it through the regional house of chiefs so that you use the due process to achieve your aim. “If you decide to do what you want without due process then the law will take its course. We need peace in the region, we don’t want conflict in the region,” he warned.

Source: 3news.com

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