Qualities of an Effective Mediator
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Mediation is simply a facilitated negotiation by an impartial third party chosen voluntarily by parties in dispute or a Mandatory Mediation imposed by a Competent Court or an Authorised Body.

It is used in situations where there is a conflict between two or more parties, and the primary role of a mediator is to assist individuals to get to a resolution of their dispute/conflict by facilitating a conversation through a structured process that allows the parties in dispute to make decisions for themselves.

It takes a combination of attitude, knowledge, understanding and skills as well as a certain amount of character and habit to become a mediator or an agent of collaboration. Since mediation is a process with defined stages; the functions of the mediator calls for certain features or qualities that should serve as a benchmark for any effective mediator.

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Here are essential qualities to look out for in a good mediator.

He/she must be:

    Capable of appreciating the dynamics of the environment in which the dispute is occurring,

    An intelligent, knowledgeable and active listener.  (You have to be enlightened)

    Humble, objective and impartial about the outcome of the differences, and neutral in the use of language.

    Articulate, patient, non-judgmental, flexible, full of energy and persuasive.

    A mentor with an outstanding character.

    Resourceful in research and continuing training and education in ADR.

    A person of high-quality standing and reputation in society.

    Reliable and capable of facilitating the Content, Process and Responses of his/her clients.

    An emotionally matured person

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