Newly inducted Mediation Advocates in Nigeria
Newly inducted Mediation Advocates in Nigeria
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The Standing Conference of Mediation Advocates (SCMA), an international multi-disciplinary initiative aimed at promoting mediation advocacy, continues to make progress as it expands its operations.

The SCMA is a cross-professional initiative of practitioners established to promote best practice, standards and professional excellence in mediation advocacy through individual and corporate training consultancy services and commercial activities.

Headquartered in London, with two main zonal offices in Belgium and Nigeria, the SCMA, among other activities, provides a forum for discourse among mediation practitioners, advises governments, judiciaries, Bars, private enterprises and academic institutions on establishing mediation systems, engages with mediation service providers, clients of the process and academics researching in mediation and associated fields to create minimum practice standards and competencies for the benefit of mediation users.

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In addition, the SCMA hosts open meetings, seminars and other activities that culminate in an annual convention.

It has international outlets and membership in France, Belgium, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Italy, Ghana, Nigeria, Egypt, the UAE, Nepal, Chile, Palestine, Turkey, and the Far East.

Since 2009 the SCMA has held events in Hong Kong, Dubai, Istanbul, Ankara, Kathmandu, Brussels, Paris and Amsterdam and also advised governments and judiciaries in China, Japan, India, Belgium, Nepal, Croatia and Canada.

Mediation Advocacy is the technique of presenting and arguing a client’s position, needs and interests in a non-adversarial way.

It recognises the need to ensure that a negotiated outcome to a dispute is more satisfying, effective, workable, flexible and durable than an order imposed by a court or other tribunal.

The advocacy ensures that the parties to a dispute should control its process and its outcome; the parties to a dispute should be assisted by their professional representatives or advisers in coming to a settlement that both deals with all matters in issue and also meets their true needs and wider interests

It addition, the parties to a dispute should have regard to helping the opposite party secure its needs while at the same time preserving their own.

The SCMA is a body of registered users comprising firms of solicitors and individual fee earners, sets of barristers’ chambers, sets of barristers’ chambers and individual legal, surveyor and construction professionals who represent parties in civil/commercial mediation.

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