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The Sekondi-Takoradi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (STCCI) has set up an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Centre at Anaji, a suburb of Takoradi for business mediation purposes.

STCCI identifies ADR as the best approach for reaching negotiated settlements on business disputes for both members and non- members.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) refers to a range of procedures and various processes for resolving disputes other than through court trials-ADR is a conscious effort by parties to find a resolution to their conflict without state intervention.

ADR ensures privacy, parties are in control of proceedings, disputes are settled quicker and faster, it decongests the courts and  after settlement, the parties can maintain their relationship.

“STCCI with technical support of the Judicial Service of Ghana and in collaboration with Hamburg Chamber of Commerce has established an ADR centre in the metropolis for business mediation purposes” Lawyer Kofi Diaba, Vice Chairman of STCCI told B&FT in an interview.

He added that ADR guarantees privacy and confidentiality, mediation is less expensive and saves time as well as parties involve make their own decision and it also increases flexibility and control.

According to him, experienced mediators with diverse professional background are available for this key service. Private sector -mediation is one form of ADR where parties attempt to settle a legal dispute or controversy through active participation of an independent third party who works between two contending parties to aid them to find points of agreement and make those in conflict agree on affair result.

He pointed that any person, industrial company or any business entity can lodge a complaint with the center through phone, email, fax, post, in person or to the offices of the center.

“When making a complaint, you are required to give as much detail as possible including supporting documents and contact of persons who may assist the center in the resolution of the issue before it” he said.

He announced, STCCI is yet to set up an Arbitration Centre -Arbitrators will be trained in best arbitration practices; after training he said, they will be licenced to sit as arbitrators with respective professional background to make determination on disputes.

“In arbitration, the neutral (third party) is called upon to listen to the parties, their witnesses and evidence and gives a decision -the parties are bounded by the decision given by the arbitrator and he or she acts as a judge in their cause” he added.

Lawyer Diaba explained that STCCI is a business association formed to serve the commercial and business interests of businesses in the Western Region.

It is a local Chamber with over a hundred and twenty member firms working to become Ghana’s most influential Private Sector Association.

Source: thebftonline.com

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