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Due to the challenging nature of retirement, workers have been urged to think outside the box in planning for their pension.

“Workers nearing retirement must be innovative and should adequately plan for retirement life,” says Austin Gamey, a renowned labour expert.

At a retirement orientation workshop for prospective retirees of Accra Brewery Limited in Accra on Monday, Mr. Gamey exposed them to the challenges of pension life, saying workers who fail to plan for their retirement end up miserably.

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“It should not be just any planning; you have to think deep and big and be innovative since a mistake at that age will be disastrous,” he said.

According to him, it is always advisable for workers to start planning their retirement early by undertaking appropriate investments and start ventures that could support them and their families during pension.
The two day orientation workshop facilitated by Gamey & Gamey Group, on the topic, “Retirement and the Future” was part of ABL’s efforts to effectively prepare prospective pensioners for retirement.

Mr. Gamey, Chief Executive of Gamey & Gamey Group; a human resource development, mediation and consultancy firm, indicated that with a well thought-out plan and investment, retirees would find pension life comfortable.
He explained that many retirees have been unable to overcome the change and the transition from active service to retirement, adding that others also failed to properly manage their retirement packages, resulting in their inability to survive pension life.

He urged the prospective retirees to plan effectively to overcome the transition which remains the most difficult aspect of retirement period, saying after that stage, they could then look into the future with hope of activating their plans for alternative sources of income since their formal salary would cease.
“Although your jobs and salaries will end, your lives should not end,” he told the prospective retirees.

By: Fred Gadese-Mensah /adrdaily.com