The Volta River gathers into the Volta Lake that powers the Akosombo hydroelectric dam
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Recent developments have seen the Republic of Togo staking a claim to the ownership of the Volta River/Lake which runs from Burkina Faso though Ghana.

This revelation comes from Dr Clifford Braimah, the Managing Director of the Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL).

According to Dr Braimah, this claim is an offshoot of ongoing discussions between Ghana and Togo concerning the Sogakofe-Lome Trans-boundary Water Supply Project. This project, which was estimated to cost $110 million in 2005, aims to transfer treated water from Sogakofe in the Volta Region to Lome, the capital of Togo.

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Dr Clifford Braimah hopes for a good deal for Ghana on the water project

In the unfolding negotiations, Togo has expressed a desire to put all the risks associated with the project onto Ghana, while benefiting from 85% of the water produced. Togo has proposed to draw raw water and treat it independently in Lome, without connecting communities along the line, a proposition that Ghana staunchly opposes. Instead, Ghana seeks to treat the water at Sogakofe and transport it to Lome, ensuring that the communities along the route also benefit.

However, Togo’s claim to the Volta river and lake has sparked resistance. Ghana has argued that the water originates from Burkina Faso, and therefore, Togo should not be able to freely claim it. In an attempt to resolve these issues, lawyers are presently negotiating with Togo, with the hope of arriving at a mutually beneficial agreement.

Dr Braimah has assured that the GWCL will negotiate the best deal for Ghana, including financial considerations.

As the negotiations continue, the outcome of this transboundary water dispute remains uncertain. However, the situation serves as a stark reminder of the increasingly contentious nature of water rights, particularly in regions where resources are shared across national borders. It underscores the need for comprehensive and mutually beneficial agreements to ensure that all parties involved are adequately catered for.

Source: BNN Newsroom