Dr. Davies (right) and Mr Gamey in a chat during the former's visit to Accra
Dr. Davies (right) and Mr Gamey in a chat during the former's visit to Accra
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The University of the Commonwealth Caribbean (UCC) and the Gamey and Gamey Group have struck a collaborative deal toward establishing a specialized university in human resource and leadership training in Ghana.

The university would also be focused on practical human capital development, business development, information technology, industrial relations management, and corporate governance with the objective of grooming graduates to become exceptional business and community leaders.

The management of Gamey and Gamey Group, headquartered in Tema, Ghana, and the UCC, headquartered in Kingston, Jamaica have consequently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to guide the modalities for their cooperation in setting up the tertiary facility.

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It was signed by Mr. Austin Gamey, Chief Executive Officer of the Gamey and Gamey Group, and Dr. Haldene Davies, President of UCC, for their respective organisations.

The establishment of the university in Ghana will among other objectives, enable the UCC, which is the largest privately-held premier higher educational institution in the Caribbean, providing students with world-class educational programmes and training, to extend its presence into Ghana and West Africa to offer specialized programmes at the bachelors, masters and doctoral degree levels.

For the Gamey and Gamey Group, which is the market leader in consultancy and training solutions in Human Resource Management, Industrial Relations Corporate Governance, Strategic Planning, Organizational Restructuring, Managerial Leadership, and Appropriate Dispute Resolution (ADR), the tertiary facility would enable it to expand the coverage of its professional training programmes.

The collaboration would enable the university to offer specially designed programmes to respond to emerging human capacity development needs in Ghana.

Dr. Haldene Davies says the proposed university would enable UCC to exhibit its commitment to providing broad-based educational opportunities through partnerships, flexible delivery modes, and access to finance, in an environment of high standards, truth, and respect.

According to him, the university is committed to developing students in “a caring and intellectually stimulating academic environment where our community members are valued, respected and challenged to embrace excellence, integrity and social responsibility.”

The initiative, he explained, is in line with the expansion drive of UCC to extend its presence to other regions through partnerships to offer quality educational opportunities for young professionals.

Mr. Austin Gamey, for his part, remains confident about the prospects of the new university in offering quality education and professional training for young people in Ghana and West Africa in general.

He gave the assurance that collaboration would identify and pursue impactful projects for all types of academic, research, study exchange, and online programmes, adding that work on securing accreditation and other facilities has begun.