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The greatest asset of an organization are it Human Resource, each with a potential to strengthen and transform the organization collectively and individually. It is therefore imperative on the Human Resource Manager to identify the BEACH of their people in order to understand their orientation and behavioral attitudes which has a great effect whether positively or negatively on their overall output to organizational objectives.

Every worker comes into an organization with a set of beliefs, expectations, assumptions, concerns and hopes. The Beliefs are what people hold true, the Expectation are what they seek in a given situation, the Assumptions are what they base their actions on, the Concerns are what they fear, the very things that either keeps them committed or uncommitted to a job; and the Hopes are what moves them forward.

The BEACHs can be linked to the Enneagram, a personality typing system which theorist believe has ancient root. It is a system for personal, spiritual and professional understanding of Human Personality. These BEACHs or personality type determines the orientation, direction and perceptions people build in life and around their jobs.  To a large extent, it determines what people focus on, what get them excited, where they invest their energy and their worldview.

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Understanding these BEACHS  has a considerable impact on the HRs ability to manage people within the organization. The BEACH perspective is useful in people management where collaboration and consensus are crucial for the HR function as it provides a powerful tool for personal and professional growth.

The BEACHs also provides a system for gathering information as the HR watches, listens to and experiences others in a conversation. This information helps the HR to understand the behavior patterns of individual workers in the workplace and couch out strategies to either harness the hidden potential or enhance their capabilities in their strong areas. The HR can use his or her knowledge of the BEACH to help people gain an image of their personality , how it functions and how they can open up to new possibilities.

It is a powerful tool that can be used to improve and enhance employee interactions as it gives the HR an insight into the attitudes and behaviours of people in the workplace, with an understanding of why people react differently to a given situation and differences in job performance.

The HR can also use the BEACHs of people as a benchmark for effective team building , developing strategies for corporate communication and even in conflict prevention or resolution in the workplace. Employing the GHOST principles with adequate knowledge of the BEACHs of people is a powerful tool for HRs for enhancing, managing and relationships within the organization.

According to Dr Nany Love, author of Conversation for Change, there are basically nine BEACHs within which every individual will be found; Perfection, Success, Detachment, Excitement, Connection, Peace, Differentiation, Security and Power.

Therefore, every HR should develop the skills to identify the perspectives people bring into the job or take on in any given situation .This is a fundamental piece for predicting what questions need to be asked or what steps need to be taken to either share and shift these perspectives in line with the organizational culture and vision and also adjust patterns to create effectiveness and efficiency in their organisations.


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