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The Coalition of Unemployed Bonded Diploma Nurses on Monday stormed the Ministry of Health to demand clearance for employment.

According to members of the coalition, they are yet to be posted two years after the completion of their programme.

The Vice President, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia had disclosed that about 11,000 nurses had been given clearance for employment.

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But the nurses are skeptical about the Vice President’s remark.

Some of them who thronged the Ministry had sponges, towels among other things, vowing not to go back home until their issue is addressed.

Speaking to Citi News some of them stressed that “our concern is we need our clearance. No clearance, No going home!”

“They claimed that they have posted 11,000 nurses; we want to see the clearance of the 11,000 they were referring to because we are the very people who are supposed to be given the clearance but we are in the house. And we are bonded with government so there is no way we could go and work anywhere. Some of us are married and others are parents. As at now some of us are still depending on our parents for survival,” another one lamented.

Another one also complained that “we are tired of being at home.”

”We went to school in order to take employment and take charge of our economic lives but see the frustration they are putting us through. Immediately you complete school and you are done with your service, you have to be posted but we are nine months staying at home. What should we do? What do we feed on?”

One of the coalition members also said they have complained to the Minister of Health over the issue but it seems all efforts to get their grievances addressed have proved futile.

”We met with the Minister last month and he told us that he wasn’t aware that we were at home. So he promised us that by two weeks’ time we will get the clearance. After the two weeks elapsed, we came back and he has been telling us stories. Anytime we come they don’t want to meet us,” one of the unemployed nurses added.

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