Labour strikes have become rampant
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Members of the Universities of Ghana Senior Staff Association, will from Monday, October 19, lay down their tools.

This has been occasioned by the government’s failure to address what they describe as pertinent labour issues.

Addressing the media in Accra on Friday morning, the National Chairman of the Association, Abdul-Majeed Yussif, said the government has shown bad faith in ongoing negotiations concerning their condition of service.

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He noted as a concern the migration of the payroll of public universities onto the controller and accountant general’s payroll system.

“We reiterate our call to government to stop the subtle moves to do so. Instead, we strongly advocate for special dispensation akin to that granted to the security services and other public institutions with respect to salary administration.”

Of more importance to the association were what it called the “unfavourable policies responsible for the deteriorating conditions of its members.”

It noted the lack of study leave with pay, medical care for staff and families among others.

“All attempts by the national leadership to get the government to address the above state concerns have proved futile,” Mr. Yussif said.

Thus, “all members of the senior staff association, Universities of Ghana are required to lay down their tools and hoise red flags across all campuses,” he added.

The association also noted that the National Labour Commission was aware of its strike ultimatum.