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July 18, 2017

Vancouver litigation lawyers explain why meeting outside the courtroom is sometimes the best option for disputes.
As a team of litigation lawyers in Vancouver, the members at the Kushner Law Group understand that litigants must always carefully conduct risk-assessments before taking matters before a judge. One way for litigants to maintain control over their dispute is to consider attending a mediation session.

Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution where the parties meet outside of Court in a without-prejudice setting to try to resolve the dispute. It can be beneficial for parties who are willing to make a compromise to settle matters. It’s also useful for parties to sit down and carefully analyze the stronger and weaker aspects of their claim.
The article goes on to list several benefits of mediation. For example, relevant parties retain control of the process, there’s the potential to select a mediator knowledgeable in similar cases, everyone gets to speak, the process is largely private, and the cost is affordable compared to arbitration.

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Mediation is only resolved when all parties come to an agreement, which means parties are more willing to honour their agreements rather than attempt to fight a decision that might feel unfair or random.

Perhaps most significantly, when mediation is resolved, everyone leaves the forum with a full understanding of the result. Going to trial might mean waiting months or more for a verdict, resulting in months of stress and uncertainty.
The lawyers at the Kushner Law Group can help clients resolve matters outside of the Court while still pursuing litigation when necessary.