Jagdish Patel - General Manager (VEGPRO)
Jagdish Patel - General Manager (VEGPRO)
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Recognising that a motivated workforce is key to a successful business, the management of Vegpro Ghana Limited has assured its workers of enhanced welfare.

According to management, the interests of the workers would continue to be a top priority for them in the advancement of the company.

Mr Patel, General Manager of Vegpro Ghana Limited, a leading agro firm, assured of the management’s commitment towards the workers, in an interview with ADR Daily after a meeting between management and the ICU local union of Vegpro Ghana at Akuse on Wednesday to conclude their Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA).

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He said they were mindful that the protection and promotion of the welfare of workers remained a vital duty of management.

“Both management and workers have their expectations, but in business, we must all learn to compromise to allow the essential expectations to be met.

“But it falls on management to ensure that their workers are always happy and motivated because the driving force of every business is its workers,” he added.

Mr Patel noted that “sometimes the employers must let go of certain things for the interest of the workers because it is the worker’s motivation that will lead the company to a higher level.”

As part of its relationship with workers, he said management would continue to ensure that communication channels between management and workers are constantly open for productive conversation and information flow between the two sides.

Also, management would continue to invest in the education of the workers to enhance their capacity and also be well informed about the various interventions of the company.

Apart from capacity building, Mr Patel said the entire workforce would be educated on the CBA to achieve a general understanding of the contribution of all stakeholders in the company.

“After negotiations, there is the need for the actual education of the workers, middle management and senior management because people from different walks of life are in the organisation.

“Every organisation has a vision, mission and target to achieve, and to bring all the people into the same focus to achieve all this they need to be trained, and be educated and drawn into one channel with one goal.

“This sort of training needs to be given by the employer to the employees so that the expectations of the employers are met,” he stressed.

By: Fred Gadese-Mensah/adrdaily.com

VIAFred Gadese-Mensah
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