The Centre is promoting the use of ADR in the area
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By Edmund Mingle

In a bid to promote harmony and facilitate amicable resolution of conflicts within the Weija-Gbawe municipality and its environs, the Gbawe Mediation Centre has officially opened to serve residents.

The ADR firm, spearheaded by seasoned lawyer and professional ADR practitioner, Cornelius Banu Vito, aims to provide a wide array of dispute resolution services, including those related to business, land, family, community, tenancy, and estate administration matters.

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The Gbawe Mediation Centre is strategically positioned to address the growing need for peaceful and efficient ADR mechanisms in the area to offer relief for residents and organisations who have often encountered challenges with conflicts, leading to prolonged legal battles and strained relationships.

Mr Cornelius Banu Vito

The new mediation centre promises to offer hope for individuals and businesses seeking timely, confidential and cost-effective resolution to their disputes.

In view of the costly, time-consuming and adversarial condition of court litigation, which often leaves parties unsatisfied with the outcomes, the Gbawe Mediation Centre intends to alleviate these concerns by promoting the use of ADR methods, particularly mediation, which are known for their flexibility, confidentiality, and the empowerment they offer to disputing parties.

According to Mr Banu Vito, a graduate of the Gamey and gamey ADR Institute, one of the primary objectives of the Gbawe Mediation Centre is to bridge the gap in the access to justice, indicating that many individuals and businesses in the area have faced significant challenges in accessing court facilities.

“By providing an affordable and efficient dispute resolution service, the centre seeks to empower the community and foster a culture of amicable dispute settlement.

“We also acknowledge the importance of community involvement in dispute resolution, and therefore, the centre will play an essential role in fostering open dialogue and understanding, considering the specific cultural and social dynamics of the area,” he told ADR Daily during a visit to the Centre at Gbawe.