The participants with Mr Gamey at the end workshop
The participants with Mr Gamey at the end workshop
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A day’s workshop to properly define the legal aspects of human resource management has ended in Accra.

The workshop which aimed at exposing HR managers to the dynamics of HR management in line with the labour law and the constitution, was attended by participants drawn from transport, legal, financial, engineering and hospitality industries, as well as academia civil society groups.

It comes in the wake of increasing calls for organisations to appreciate the role of HR managers as strategic partners in the operations of firms.

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This is considered so because HR practitioners manage people, who are the most valuable assets of any business.

The Chief facilitator for the training, Labour and HR expert Mr Austin Gamey took participants through various provisions of the Labour Act 2003, Act 651, the Constitution, and the ADR Act 2010, Act 798, and explained the need for inter-referencing in relation to professional HR practice.

He explained that the hallmark of any HR is premised on his or her ability to translate the laws into implementable policies that would aid their organisations in driving the human resource to enhance growth and productivity of the business.

He reiterated the need for HRMs to have a good knowledge of the law so as not to engage in illegal practices that will plunge their organisations into conflict with the law.

Mr Gamey stated that a greater portion of the Labour Act is derived from Chapter Five of the 1992 Constitution which deals with the protection of Human Rights.

He noted that the foremost duty of any HRM is to ensure that the rights of workers are protected within the confines of their jobs, adding that every person has the right to work under a satisfactory, safe and healthy condition and also receive equal pay for equal work done without distinction of any kind.

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