Company’s staff to be implanted with microchips
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July 26, 2017

In a move that sounds straight out of a science fiction novel, a US company says it will implant staff with microchips in an effort to simplify their work lives.

In a blog post, Three Square Market (32M) said it was offering “optional” implanted chip technology to all employees at a “chip party” on August 1.

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It expected at least 50 staff to volunteer to undergo the procedure.

The chips, to be implanted in the webbing between each worker’s thumb and forefinger, will allow them to open doors, login to their computers, buy food using a self-checkout in their break room, and make photocopies, 32M said.

The Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) chips use electromagnetic fields to identify electronically-stored information, and take just seconds to implant.

The company is partnering with Sweden’s Biohax International – which microchipped its own employees earlier this year – on the odd workplace initiative.

32M’s business revolves around setting up “micro markets” – mini convenience stories, featuring self-checkouts – in companies’ break rooms, and its chief executive Todd Westby said he expects both micro markets, and the use of microchips to pay for purchases at them, to take off elsewhere.

“We foresee the use of RFID technology to drive everything from making purchases in our office break room market, opening doors, use of copy machines, logging into our office computers, unlocking phones, sharing business cards, storing medical/health information, and used as payment at other RFID terminals,” he said.

“Eventually, this technology will become standardized allowing you to use this as your passport, public transit, all purchasing opportunities, etc.”


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