Employer, Employee relationship is governed by laws
Employer, Employee relationship is governed by laws
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An employment relationship is not that of servitude or one of life-employment, but a contractual relationship between an employer and employee to execute agreed obligations.

For employers and employees to avoid working environment that portray servitude, they must be alive to their respective rights and obligations.

In their latest article, on “Termination of Employment and Economic Implications,” Dr. Bernice Welbeck, Human Resource and Industrial Relations expert and Dr. Julius Kwaku Kattah, an International Economist, delves into the issues of employment relationship, unfair termination and the impact of terminations on the Ghanaian economy.

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The article explains the provisions in the Ghana Labour Law that governs employment relationship, and provides education on how employers can avoid unfair terminations.

The issue of unfair termination remains a challenge as records available at the National Labour Commission reveal that, since its establishment in 2005 “Unfair Termination” has recorded the highest percentage in terms of the type of disputes filed, ranging between 28%-33% during the 13 years of the Commission’s existence.


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