King Promise and Yasmin need an amicable resolution
King Promise and Yasmin need an amicable resolution
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A dispute between a young Ghanaian musician, King Promise, and his sponsor, Yasmin Behzadi, a Dubai-based businesswoman, is resulting in a lawsuit against the musician.

Yasmin claims she has invested immensely in King Promise’s career, but the musician insists that he was neglected by his sponsor.

While Yasmin is accusing the musician of ingratitude and breaching their contract agreement, King Promise claims he was forced to leave her record label because of unfair treatment.

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The dispute, which has resulted in a media battle between the two parties, has been characterised by accusations and counter accusations.

It is among the disputes that continue to engulf Ghana’s entertainment industry, which has been encouraged to adopt mediation as the most productive means for amicable resolution of such disputes.

Famed for being the woman behind rapper Sarkodie’s clothing line, Sark Collection, the Yasmin is angry that King Promise does not recognise her for her immense contribution to his career.

She indicates that after signing him and rebranding him ‘Boy P’ to King Promise, she set up YB Records to help push the talented musician’s works.

According to her, she spent in excess of $150,000 on high budget music videos shoots in Dubai, travel expenses, luxury cars, Hollywood producers, and promotions.

In addition, she considers King Promise’s signing on to a new label, as a breach of their contract.

She explained that the musician had signed onto Killbeatz’s record label without her permission, and therefore was heading for court to seek reliefs that would help her to recoup from her investment.

But reacting to the allegations, King Promise said in a statement that Yasmin’s claims of spending $150,000 was due to her own unilateral decisions and luxurious lifestyles, even if she indeed has spent that much.”

By Edmund Mingle/