The Ghanaian fashion industry has created jobs for scores of models.
The Ghanaian fashion industry has created jobs for scores of models.
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Fashion Modeling is often looked down by the youth as an avenue for jobs, but experts say it offers some of the most secured jobs in the world.

According to fashion managers, it is a profession that provides employment for individuals of all ages.

Mr. Kel Quao, CEO of Stars Modeling Agency, indicates that modeling, which remains vital for the growth of the fashion industry, has unique benefits for job seekers in Ghana.

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In an interaction with ADR Daily, Mr  Quao  explained that “modeling has provided employment for hundreds of individuals in Ghana.”

According to him, modeling is very lucrative profession, but noted that its full job creation potential has not been explored because of the misconception people have about it.

“Modeling is a noble profession,” he assures.

“A model is someone employed to promote a commercial fashion product. Models play an important role in the eyes of consumers because using the right model can determine whether or not your product would be patronized by the public. And modeling is one of the very few professions of which a person can be employed for life, it is a job and a career,” he explained.

Mr. Quao noted that his agency has employed about 143 models including youngsters and grandparents.

“We specialize in commercials and fashion programmes as such we have models of all ages. However because of the work is not frequently available the models are employed on part time basis,” he added.

With respect to challenges, Mr. Quao said that “the biggest challenge facing the modeling industry is the unprofessional behaviour of some youths which affects the standards of the profession.

“Models are to be paid decent wages for the work they do but the youth in the country, for the sake of fame would accept as low as GH¢ 200 for a job, aside that there are also some scrupulous people who in the name of modeling make young girls take unsavory photos or videos.

“Also there are some stereotypes that affect modeling, and that is what is holding the industry back.  However, if the public become more informed on the benefits that modeling has to offer, the industry would grow rapidly,” he added.

Despite these challenges, Mr. Quao believes that the modeling industry in Ghana has the potential to grow and compete on the international market.

It is his belief that through modeling, the African heritage and products could be advertised on the world stage to attract investors and high patronage.

By: Fred Gadese-Mensah/

VIAFred Gadese-Mensah
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