Mrs Florence Hope-Wudu (right) interacting with the participants
Mrs Florence Hope-Wudu (right) interacting with the participants
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A two-day governance training seminar aimed at enhancing corporate governance in the country’s formal sector, has been held in Accra.

The practical training seminar, dubbed “Masterclass in Managing Corporate Governance Disputes and Organisational Effectiveness” was jointly hosted by Purple Almond Consulting and Gamey & Gamey Group.

It has the prime aim of training corporate executives on mechanisms for effectively addressing disputes in corporate governance that threaten the survival of firms.

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The training comes in the wake of increasing organisational paralysis due to disputes among managers and directors of corporate bodies, resulting in the collapse of investments.

Mrs. Florence Hope-Wudu, a governance trainer and a lead consultant at Purple Almond Consulting, explaining the objective of the seminar at the opening session, said the programme has been designed specifically for corporate executives with the purpose of strengthening corporate leaders to effectively address corporate governance disputes that arise organisations, especially in boardrooms.

Mr Austin Gamey (right) addressing the participants
Mr Austin Gamey (right) addressing the participants

“It it to equip them with the Appropriate Disputes Resolution (ADR) skills in deploring  various mediation options for settling all forms of disputes,” she said.

According to her, boardroom disputes, as well as disputes with shareholders and business partners and regulators, always negatively impact on companies, adding that the managers and directors therefore need the requisite skills to resolve such challenges.

Renowned Labour Expert and ADR practitioner, Mr. Austin Gamey, Chief Executive of Gamey & Gamey Group, for his part, stressed the need for the country’s corporate community to adopt ADR mechanisms to effectively address differences at the managerial level.

According to Mr. Gamey, who was a facilitator, the inability of managements and boards of directors to have internal differences resolved amicably, often affect the operations of organisations.

“Managerial disputes affect the leadership drive of organisation, which in turn affects the corporate governance set up, resulting in poor output of organisations,” he said.

Mr. Saeed Musah-Khaleepha, acting Executive Director of the Gamey and Co ADR Centre, and a facilitator, reminded the participants that a director of a company stands in a fiduciary relationship towards the company, and therefore has to take steps to promote and protect the interests of their organisations by ensuring harmonious corporate governance.

Stressing that leadership leadership is all about managing difference, he urged managers and directors to pay attention to issues that generate disputes and have item addressed effectively.

By Edmund Mingle/