Mrs Kwagbedzi explaining the ADR mechanisms to the participants
Mrs Kwagbedzi explaining the ADR mechanisms to the participants
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An orientation session to enhance corporate knowledge about the essentials of Appropriate Dispute Resolution (ADR) mechanisms in resolving business disputes, has been held for about 20 corporate executives.

The orientation, which formed part of the 2nd Mediation Expedition at the Bunso Eco Park in the Eastern region, offered the platform for the executives to secure a practical understanding of negotiation, mediation and arbitration for the resolution of disputes in their respective sectors.

The prime objective of the orientation was to enable the participants to appreciate the benefits of ADR mechanisms, and adopt the use of those measures to prevent or address their future disputes and improve on workplace relations in their organisations.

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The expedition had the theme, “Consolidating the ropes of ADR in Ghana.”

ADR and Labour consultant, Mrs Lizzy-Ann Kwagbedzi, who facilitated the orientation, took them through the various components of mediation and arbitration, with the assurance of such processes help to resolve disputes in an expeditious, inexpensive and amicable manner.

The participants were keen on learning the ropes of mediation
The participants were keen on learning the ropes of mediation

For instance, she explained that adopting mediation as the channel for addressing disputes especially at the workplace, does not only strengthen the relations among workers, or between workers and employers, but also creates a congenial working environment that results in high productivity and quality customer service.

She took them through Appreciative Inquiry skills building through which the participants understood the need to focus more growing the positive side of relations, instead of allowing a little shortfall on the part of the parties to destroy relationships, especially at the workplace.

Regarding the availability of training opportunities, Mrs. Kwagbedzi mentioned the Professional Executive Master (PEM) of ADR course which provides a high level conflict resolution training facilitated by the Gamey & Gamey ADR Institute

Organised by ADR Daily, with sponsorship from Consolidated Bank Ghana, HPW Fresh & Dry, and the Gamey & Co ADR Centre, this year’s edition of the Mediation Expedition brought together over 60 professional from various organizations and sectors.

The participants engaged in ADR lectures, moot mediation sessions, and mediation skills learning through various ecological activities.