Health agency fined for safety violations
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The Sunrise Regional Health Authority (SRHA) in Saskatchewan has been slapped with a $95,000 fine for violations of occupational health and safety laws for three separate incidents in 2015.

In the first incident, several workers were exposed to a formaldehyde-based disinfectant spill at the Yorkton Regional Health Centre.

The health agency pleaded guilty to the charge of failing to ensure there was a competent person, equipment, supplies and personal protective equipment available for the prompt, safe and effective containment, neutralizing and decontamination of the accumulation, spill or leak of hazardous products.

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The employer also pleaded guilty to failing to ensure that anyone who works with, or in proximity to a controlled substance, has proper training in the use of the product.

The health region was fined $7,500 on each count, while four other charges were stayed.

In the second incident, a worker suffered serious crushing injuries after her arm became entangled in a laundry conveyer.

The agency pleaded guilty for failing to provide an effective safeguard where a worker could come into contact with a dangerous moving part and was fined $50,000.

The third incident happened at the Yorkton Regional Health Centre, where an employee suffered a fractured wrist after her hand was pinned between the handle of a motorized cart and a door jamb.

SHRA pleaded guilty for failing to ensure that only trained operators use powered mobile equipment. It was fined $30,180 while three additional charges were stayed.


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