Ofosu Asamoah, NLC Executive Secretary
Ofosu Asamoah, NLC Executive Secretary
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The National Labour Commission (NLC) has urged labour unions and employers to resort to dialogue in settling their differences.

According to the NLC, the use of dialogue to resolve labour disputes and conflicts was an effective means of ensuring a peaceful industrial environment in the country.

The Commission made the call in its solidarity message to Ghanaian workers to mark the May Day celebrations,

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“On such an occasion, it is important to remind both the workman (workers) and capital (employers) on the need to strengthen their relationship through social partnership and to improve upon their communication through social dialogues, as this is an effective means to ensure a peaceful industrial relations environment for the promotion of investment and the creation of sustainable jobs,” it said.

The NLC, in the statement signed by its Executive Secretary, Mr Ofosu Asamoah, noted that although there were challenges in addressing labour disputes internally, both parties must commit to the process of resolving issues privately and amicably.

“As an institution, the NLC is aware of the many challenges that confront and continued to confront both workers and employers in the employment relationship in managing, handling and settling industrial disputes. However, we are of the firm believe that, if parties in the relationship commit themselves to due process in the internal management of grievances and also ensure co-operation in times of industrial disputes, we can maintain some appreciable level of industrial stability both at the enterprise level and the country as a whole,” it said.

By ADR Daily News Desk

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