Uber said the verdict would make little difference to the way it operated in Europe, but experts say the case could have implications for the gig economy.
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Uber is still fending off accusations of an unfair work environment.

This week, the embattled ride-hailing company was sued by three Latina engineers who allege that they, as women and people of colour, were paid less than their white or Asian male colleagues.

Two of the women — Ingrid Avendaño and Roxana del Toro Lopez — left Uber this summer, while Ana Medina is still employed by the company. They allege that Uber uses a “stack ranking” system for evaluating employees, meaning they’re evaluated from “worst to best

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In this system,” the suit says, “female employees and employees of colour are systematically undervalued….because [they] receive, on average, lower rankings despite equal or better performance.”

And those stack rankings are then used, in part, to determine promotions. Additionally, Uber sets employee pay based on their past compensation, which inherently disadvantages women, they say.

As a result, the women “have suffered and will continue to suffer harm, including but not limited to lost earnings, lost benefits, and other financial loss, as well as non-economic damages.”

The suit, which was filed this week in San Francisco County, claims that Uber is in violation of the Equal Pay Act.

The women are suing on behalf of all similarly impacted employees under a state law called the Private Attorneys General Act. Under that law, the state receives 75% of any civil penalties and relief, and aggrieved employees will receive 25%.


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