Participants at the Hub's maiden training in Kumasi
Participants at the Hub's maiden training in Kumasi
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The Ghana ADR Hub, one of the newly established Appropriate (Alternative) Dispute Resolution (ADR) organisations, is boosting the growth of the ADR industry in Ghana with its services for the resolution of disputes.

Being a full-service ADR body providing both services and practical training in arbitration, mediation and dispute system design for individuals, businesses and law firms, the Hub consists mainly of lawyers and ADR practitioners, dedicated to offering quality ADR services.

With its main office in Kumasi in the Ashanti region, the establishment of the Hub offers an impetus for the advancement Ghana’s ADR industry which is required to adequately respond to the increasing demand for quality ADR services.

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Michael Gyang Owusu, President of Ghana ADR Hub.

According to the Hub, its mission is to “promote the use of Alternative Dispute Resolution as the preferred mode of settling business and contractual disputes across Africa.”

It is pursing that mission by mobilising qualified ADR practitioners to offer services for a wide range of sectors, as well as undertake training and public awareness creation events to enhance the ADR adoption rate among Ghanaians.

Michael Gyang Owusu, President of Ghana ADR Hub, who describes the country’s ADR industry as “budding” believes there is an urgent need for more training to build a mass of ADR professionals to meet the increasing demand for services.

Apart from commitment to quality services, he indicates that the Hub remains focused on providing professional training to equip new ADR practitioners with the relevant skills, and also upgrade the skills of existing ADR professionals.

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