NPP supporters in Chereponi and East Mamprusi reject DCE nominees, vandalise party properties
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Some supporters of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Chereponi and East Mamprusi Districts of the North East Region have rejected the nomination of Hajia Rashida Mahama and Madam Zuweratu Mada Nashiru as District Chief Executives, respectively.

Some of the supporters in Chereponi went on rampage by vandalising party properties to express their rejection of the President’s decision “to impose on them a stranger who only joined the party in 2016”.

The aggrieved members went on a rampage as soon the official list of the MMDCES nominees was unveiled Sunday in Accra by the local government and rural development minister, Dan Botwe.

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Amid armed security forces, the supporters chanted war songs, marching on from the town center to burn down at least six installations (pavilions) of the party in various locations in the township.

The rampaging supports violently proceeded to besiege the private residence of the Constituency Chairman and attempted to burn more of the party properties including two vehicles but was overpowered by the police.

At the chairman’s residence, a physical brawl ensued and one person identified as a brother of the MP was said to have been injured by the mob. The supporters chanted, “we want S.K Orlando”, and “No Orlando, No Peace”.

The Regional Deputy Nasara Coordinator, Abdul Rahman Sheriff, who monitored the violence said, he was disappointed by the failure of the security to forestall the incident despite the glaring signals.

“They are supporters of S.K Orlando; they came out to burn some party pavilions and one person has been injured”, the Nasara Coordinator told JoyNews.

“We are talking them”, he continued.

They are hardworking and are party people too, so why should we do that? It could be you and someone so we have asked them to exercise patience.

The party executive also took on the police for allowing the situation to deteriorate.

“The police should have made some arrest because it was a mob and they were moving. Once they arrested some of them, the rest would have calmed down”.

Meanwhile, some party members in Gambaga in the East Mamprusi municipality have also rejected the President’s nominee for the area.

The supporters said, the nomination of Hajia Rashida Mahama, was because of her family ties and relationship with the President and not her competence and capabilities.

They have therefore threatened to vote against the party as they did in 2020 if the nominee is confirmed.